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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. if you are planning on taking bart to avoid the slick surfaces, you might want to think again. we have delays for bart about 15 to 20 minutes if you are headed in the richmond, sfo, millbrae, daly city direction. some late running track maintenance is causing the problem so again, plan for that this morning. right now the rest of mass transit problem-free. ace, muni, cam train, no delays to report. -- caltrain, no delays to report. no problems on the eastshore freeway approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. not bad at the toll plaza. we had an earlier wind advisory that's lifted. every friday light there. golden gate bridge problem- free. 8 minutes from 37 to 580. if you are taking a long weekend get your chains heading to the snow. they are required for parts of 80, 50 and 88 due to this wild wacky weather. thank you, gianna. most people who lost power from yesterday's storm can see the
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light once again finally. we just got off the phone with pg&e. they say only 282 homes and business are still in the dark. the outages are small and scattered throughout the region. about 4500 customers had no power at some point yesterday. much better today. and you can keep track of your weather right in your own neighborhood. just go to we have realtime hi-def doppler on our weather page. go check it out. president barack obama waking up in the bay area this morning. last night, he had dinner with the best minds in silicon valley. let's go to anne makovec. she is at sfo where he will board air force one to go to oregon in a few hours. >> reporter: we just spotted air force one. it's on the tarmac here behind me across this waterway pretty far away. but you can see the tail there and a little american flag. it may be air force one, taking off here from sfo this morning. he is headed up to hillsborough, oregon. here's a look at the president's arrival last evening to the cloudy and rainy
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bay area. he is here on the west coast to promote his agenda to make the u.s. more competitive globally. he is pushing for new spending on innovation, education, high- speed rail and faster internet service. he is also looking for ideas on how to create more jobs through technology. so last night he had dinner with the innovators 6 some successful silicon valley valley companies looking for ideas. 26-year-old facebook founder mark zuckerberg, apple leader steve jobs, and google's ceo, eric schmitt. some other big names, the ceos of yahoo, cisco systems, twitter, netflix and oracle. >> he doesn't really care how facebook works or how they are going to design the next iphone. he is here to see how these companies grow in the middle of the worst recession ever. we are having great years. facebook exploding through the recession. apple exploding through the recession. and many others. google, booming through the recession.
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>> reporter: now that private dinner -- you can see the neighbors very excited -- it was at a private home of a venture capitalist in woodside. that meant massive security measures in the neighborhood and some closed roads. but people just did in the seem to mind. so this morning, up in hillsborough, oregon, president obama is expected to name the ceo of intel to a new presidential advisory council. and that ceo whose name is paul otellini has been critical of obama in the past so he is now putting him on the council to get some fresh ideas. we'll see how that goes. back to you guys. >> maybe get some of that rural entrepreneurial spirit going. thank you, anne makovec. the expenses from the pipeline explosion in san bruno keep rising and pg&e says all its customers may have to foot part of the bill. christin ayers live in san bruno has the latest on that story. good morning, christin. >> reporter: good morning,
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frank. pg&e's bloated new budget for dealing with the san bruno pipeline disaster is increasing to more than $150 million over what they previously estimated. and now we are hearing they are possibly turning to customers to foot some of that bill. the company says it turns out new tests and inspections related to the blast are driving those increased costs but consumer advocates say if the pipeline problems are in fact pg&e's fault, why would customers pay? a spokeswoman for the utility reform network told the "san francisco chronicle," if this work is a direct result of pg&e's negligence, those costs should be borne by shareholders, not customers. now, let's break down some of those costs that pg&e is looking at. altogether, the tab could reach $763 million by the end of the year. that includes 200 to $300 million for pipeline tests and other inspections. added to that, $220 million that the company set aside for
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lawsuits last year. there is also $180 million for lawsuits this year. those numbers have had an impact on pg&e's bottom line. their profits dropped 9.8% from last year and, of course, customers want to know about their bottom lines, how much will this impact them and for how long. those questions still up in the air as pg&e is checking with energy regulators to see whether customers will in fact foot this bill. >> a lot of customers wondering, i'm sure. thank you, christin ayers live at san bruno. a former walnut creek police detective who once worked on a juvenile case is accused of having sex with a minor. >> his name is shawn wallace. he turned in his badge february 3 the day of his arrest. the "contra costa times" reports that wallace met the teen while investigating a sexual assault case where she was the victim. the girl involved is 16 or 1.
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17. the 45-year-old wallace is out on bail. two men who once worked together as antioch police officers going to court this afternoon to face charges that they worked together on stealing and selling drugs. that is commander norm wielsch of contra costa county's narcotics enforcement team. its accused of stealing and selling drugs confiscated by his officers. private investigator chris butler is also under arrest. the heated arguments in the arizona shooting rampage. new evidence now that could soon be released. plus, as small as a hummingbird, big as a lifesaver. how this tiny bird is helping out homeland security. >> we were in situation where we didn't get paid for months on end. >> deadbeat renters, take note. what a credit giant is doing for the first time ever. it could affect you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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evidence from the arizona shooting rampage. a judge will decide whether to release a new mugshot of jared loughner and records from his home. media groups are making the request. defense attorneys are opposing it. loughner won't appear in court today. a week after hosni mubarak stepped down as president of egypt, there is a huge victory march in cairo right now. these are live pictures. a million people expected for this celebration of the pro- democracy movement. egyptian prosecutors have arrested four former official from mubarak's government as part of a corruption investigation. there is a counter demonstration today by mubarak supporters but it's much smaller. it may look like a delicate creature but it's a battlefield tool for the u.s. military.
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the nan mow-hummingbird is nano- hummingbird, its wingspan just 6.5" and weighs about as much as a double-a battery flaps its wings and hover. it could be used to save civilians. >> we can envision search and rescue operations. if someone is trying to get to somebody trapped in a mine, cave or building, this is the kind of solution that could be used to get in through very small openings and perhaps get into place people can't get and help save lives. >> the department of defense spent $4 million to have the nanohummingbird developed. >> amazing what they can squeeze into a little thing like that. crazy. time now on your friday is 6:13. the new reason renters should start paying on time. >> it is the beginning of the end for cal baseball. why today is such a bittersweet day for the program. and our freeways off to a
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good start but we have mass transit delays. i'll have details in just a few minutes. ♪
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still some storm clouds around the bay area, and the snow continuing to fall in the
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high country. you need chains up there. winter storm warnings down to 2,000 feet. so lots of snow and dark conditions up there. here in the bay area, we have some showers continuing and you notice all the pink up there? that's some sleet and snow across our mountain peaks. a lot of the moisture will come to the bay area so it looks like more rain for us today. not a washout. out this morning, showers to the south, cold temperatures and 30s and 40s, thus the snow on the mountaintops. this afternoon highs in the 40s and 50s. so a rather chilly day around the bay area with those showers out there, as well. the system really kind of getting hung up here to the south. now you have an area of low pressure on the back side of it starting to lift some of the moisture back in toward the bay area. more clouds on the way. so things will be wet. showers through the day today. then it looks like in toward
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tomorrow, a chance of some more showers. the trough really kind of camping out along the west coast and ushering in all the wet weather. computer models picking up on it well bringing that moisture back into the bay area. the one good thing i can say about this is usually in this type of scenario not seeing that real heavy rain but it's going to be enough to make the ground slick and it's going to be enough to bring some snow on the local mountains. so a neat look as we head toward the afternoon. chilly today, only 40s and low 50s for highs. so these temperatures running below average for this time of the year. toward the weekend there is a chance of showers as we head in towards saturday. sunday looking dry and well, presidents' day there is a system that drives right off the coastline, could bring a few more showers to the bay area staying unsettled and wet well into next week. let's check on traffic with gianna. >> to the bay bridge we go where we had an earlier high wind advisory. so far, so good. they cancelled that just after 5:00 this morning. traffic light approaching the
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toll gates, metering lights off, friday light through that portion. eastshore freeway checking in problem free. bart delays from 24th street or montgomery, about 15-minutings to 20-minute wait. heads up there. 880 clear past the coliseum. southbound not bad. looking good towards the hayward area. san mateo bridge things along the peninsula are problem-free but again we are dealing with slick surfaces so give yourself some extra time. still 13 minutes from 880 through 101. antioch friday light no yellow on our sensors. traffic is up to speed. live look at the antioch bridge, no delays. quiet through that portion. same goes for the altamont pass. we are accident-free through 580, 14 minutes from westbound 580 from the altamont pass to 680 clear to the dublin interchange. now elsewhere to the south bay we go, we are seeing some slight delays there on 280 norton northbound. pretty typical this time of the
6:18 am
morning. here's a live look at 80, extra volume through downtown san jose. the rest of the south bay accident-free. 11 minutes on 280 from 680 to 85. elsewhere 9 closed between sanborn and pierce due to a tree down in the road. they are hoping to have this opened up within the next couple of hours. other weather-related closures, mount hamilton closed east of quimby and state route 29 closures through there, as well. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. time now on your friday 16:19. -- friday is 6:19. president obama flying out of san francisco to oregon this morning after his meeting last night with silicon valley executives. today, he will visit an intel plant up in portland, oregon and name intel's ceo to his jobs and competitiveness advisory council. former president bill clinton is already in the bay area. he speaks today to a computer security conference at the moscone center in san
6:19 am
francisco. he plans to talk about the challenge of globalization and the growing interdependence between nations. and pg&e's costs from that deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno keep climbing. the utility says inspection, lawsuits and other expenses could exceed $760 million by the end of the year and pg&e says it may need to pass on some of the costs to its customers. if you don't pay your rent on time your credit score will suffer. for the first time, experian is putting monthly rentals on the credit reports. property managers question this new reporting policy. >> but when you start allowing home owners who are landlords, who maybe own one or two properties who are not professionals, there is the potential for unintentional or intentional abuse. >> but it's happening
6:20 am
nonetheless so beware, that means your late-paying roommate could ruin your credit. >> so get on it right? 6:21 now. we have some big changes for commuters in the east bay. and a detour on the bay bridge. that and more when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,
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a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to celebrate the opening of a new bart station.
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good morning. bart is recovering from earlier days. still 15 minutes to colma or richmond from montgomery stations. also first reports of an accident in oakland and one or westbound 37. all that and more coming up in traffic in just a few minutes. >> 6:24. a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to celebrate a new opening of a new bart station. >> gianna is so excited! the west dublin-pleasanton station will be open to passengers starting tomorrow. it's located in the median of interstate 580 between the castro valley and dublin stations. the $106 million station has a couple of garages with, get this, 1200 parking spaces. so everyone coming from stockton and tracy can park and ride bart the rest of the way. we can give you an idea now of what the drive will look like in a few months when you cross the bay bridge into oakland. they are making changes where traffic gets on and off the bridge. the lanes will be realigned so work can be done on the new approach to the brink. now, this is animation of what
6:24 am
the first detour will be like driving out of the tunnel toward oakland. the detour will make way for crews to build a 1,000-foot section of the new span. they are calling it the oakland touchdown. the changes could mean the new bridge will be ready in 2013, a few months ahead of the current schedule. we'll be on that in short order with our commute. starting today the cal baseball team is playing its final season. last week the administration eliminated the sport starting 2012 because of budget shortfalls and now players on the golden bears squad say they want to win to make administrators regret that decision. cal not a bad team. it's ranked 17th in the baseball america preseason. the school program dates back to 1892. i was at the cal basketball game last night against usc. a lot of folks talking about it because this is a primary sport, rich in history, and how do you just let it go? >> that one and a couple of
6:25 am
other sports, too. it's been tough. everybody is having budget problems including the uc system. >> you think maybe some of the major leaguers might kind of pony u a couple of bucks and keep it afloat. coming up, we are tracking that big bay area storm. we'll tell you how the holiday weekend is shaping up. >> plus west coast meets east coast. why stanford university is being asked to set up shop in new york city. why the san bruno pipeline explosion is going to cost pg&e millions more and why customers may have to foot the bill. i have air force one here behind me. we'll tell you what president obama was doing in town last night and where he is headed next. thinking about weekend plans? you got the holiday weekend, we have more showers sweeping up into the bay area. what does that mean for us? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good morning, everybody. see the smiles here? it's friday! we like friday. >> we love friday around here. i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is 6:30. let's go ahead and check in with lawrence in the weather center and find out how long we are going to be under stormwatch. lawrence, good morning. >> how do you like cold showers on a friday? >> we'll take it, it's friday!
6:29 am
>> it doesn't seem right, huh? but folks, yeah, we have showers out there in toward san jose, a little further to the north. look at all pink. we have a wintry mix of sleet and snow showing up over the mountains. now, that's starting to spread a little further to the north. the showers continue to wrap up in through the rest of the bay area along the peninsula. look at that, folks. we are seeing some white stuff beginning to show up across the mountains there. so more of that on the way through the day today as the area of low pressure will sweep the moisture back into the bay area. a lot of clouds beginning to filth filter in. most of the rain was located south early on. toward the afternoon, we are going to see more rain showers showing up around the bay area. not a complete washout like yesterday, but you are going to see more scattered showers, lighter amounts of rainfall and then temperatures, hey, it is going to be chilly outside! bring a jacket with you if you are headed out today. speaking of heading out, let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. that's right. if you are headed out the door,
6:30 am
take bart. we are back on time. mass transit a good choice. everything clear. earlier delays but so far, so good. over to oakland we are getting first reports of our second accident of the morning northbound 880 right at 66. the vehicle is on the right shoulder down an embankment but chp is holding traffic at one point to clear everything off the freeway. tow trucks are on scene. past there, here's a live look north 880 clear past the coliseum. southbound no troubles, traffic moving right along headed towards hayward. elsewhere as you work your way through the south bay 880/237, not bad at all. traffic just a little light there on -- or a little busy on 237. back to you. >> thank you. good morning, mr. president! president obama waking up right here in the bay area. last night he dined with silicon valley celebrities. he is looking for support for his plan to spend on high-tech initiatives. anne makovec is at sfo where president obama is going to
6:31 am
take off in a couple of hours staring over her shoulder at air force one, how about that, huh? >> >> reporter: that's right. we are going to zoom in. you can't see it very well but you can see the tail there and a little american flag there on the air force one. ready to take 60 here in the next two hours from san francisco. president obama is headed to oregon. here's the president's arrival last evening to the cloudy rainy bay area. he is here on the west coast to promote his agenda to make the u.s. more competitive globally, pushing for new spending. he is looking for ideas had you for jobs with technology. he had dinner with silicon valley executives like 26-year- old facebook founder mark zuckerberg, apple leader steve jobs and google's ceo, eric schmitt. that dinner was at a private home of a venture capitalist. that meant massive security measures in the neighborhood. very excited people as you can hear there. [ yelling ] >> reporter: and closed roads.
6:32 am
but neighbors didn't seem to mind. >> yeah. well, that's important, isn't it? and i think those are good people for him to talk with. we need to keep our competitive edge and our prosperity of our society and its exciting progress in technology so that's good. >> reporter: other big name invitees, the ceos of yahoo, cisco systems, twitter, netflix and oracle. today in hillsborough, oregon, obama is expected to name the ceo of intel to a new presidential advisory commission. again, all encompassing trying to find more jobs through technology. and i got to get out of here. we're being ushered out by the secret service so we can get closer to air force one and have that video i don't for you later. >> when the secret service tells you to get out, probably a good idea. >> reporter: i'll stand up to a lot of people but i'll go ahead and move. >> highly advised. thank you, anne. it is 6:34. a former walnut creek
6:33 am
police detective who once worked on juvenile cases is accused of having sex with a minor. shawn wallace turned in his badge february 3rd, the day of his arrest. the "contra costa times" reports that wallace met the team while investigating a sexual assault case where she was the victim. the girl involved is 16 or 17 years old. wallace is 45. he is also accused of trying to dissuade the teen from talking with authorities. wallace has been in law enforcement for 20 years. he is now out on bail. the east bay narcotics officer arrested on drug charges making his first court appearance this afternoon. that's commander norman wielsch of contra costa county's narcotics enforcement team. he is accused of stealing and selling drugs confiscated by his officers. a private investigator is also under arrest. the public defender office is starting to review drug cases checking cases brought by the unit headed by wielsch.
6:34 am
it is 6:35. $760million, that's the cost for pg&e from that san bruno pipeline explosion and now the utility wants consumers to help pay some of that bill. christin ayers is in san bruno to explain why the expense keeps growing and growing. >> reporter: good morning. that number you just shared, $763 million, that's about $150 million more than pg&e originally expected to pay dealing with the blast in san bruno in september. pg&e is releasing that number saying they may soon turn to customers to try and pay their bills. the company says it turns out new tests and inspections related to the blast are driving up that cost. but consumer advocates say if the pipeline problems are really pg&e's fault, why should consumers pay? a spokeswoman for the utility reform network told the "san francisco chronicle," quote, if the work is a direct result of pg&e's negligence, those costs should be borne by
6:35 am
shareholders, not customers." regardless of who ever takes on the costs, they are high. altogether the tab could reach $763 million by the end of the year. and that includes $200 to $300 million for pipeline inspectionsing an although with hundreds of millions they set aside for lawsuits last year and $180 million for lawsuits this year. all those numbers have been an impact on pg&e's bottom line. their profits plunged 9.8% from last year. now, of course, customers want to know when and how much some of these costs could end up costing them. we don't know yet. pg&e has asked energy regulators to pass those costs on to consumers. but it could be sometime before we know whether or not that actually happens. frank? >> but eventually i think we are all go to find out. christin ayers live at san bruno, thank you. many consider it a west coast ivy league school. now stanford university is getting invited to set up shop
6:36 am
near the prestigious group of colleges out east. kcbs radio's matt bigler explains why. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, first of all, we're talking about new york city. new york city has asked stanford university to come and open up a satellite campus in manhattan, or staten island or brooklyn. those are the three locations being talked about. the reason is, new york wants to attract more startup companies to the big apple with the hope of one day becoming more like a silicon valley. or maybe we should say silicon city. stanford is interested. the university president says they are pursuing this opportunity that would allow stanford to be an intellectual incubator for new york like it has been for silicon valley. this is not a done deal. stanford students won't be take the subway anytime soon. there is at least 19 world class institution that are competing for this opportunity including mit and cornell to
6:37 am
open up the engineering school. so this is a competitive process that will take years. but we can definitely say that stanford is in the running and i'm sure that based on its reputation, the fact that so many startup companies have been founded by stanford grads, new york is going to be very interested in bringing stanford to the big apple. that is the latest from here in san jose. back to you guys. >> everybody at stanford saying bring it on. they are very competitive. we'll see what happens. matt, thanks very much. matt bigler. 6:38. a big party going on in san francisco this weekend. mayor ed lee is here to talk about a very special honor at this year's chinese new year's parade. >> and a lot of you headed up to tahoe for the long presidents' day weekend. we are going to have a live report on all the new snow and maybe some problems on the roads. and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a look at some of the averages there. and we got red lines all across the board. but hey, the day is just kicking off. coming up, we are going to get
6:38 am
an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks and much more when sydnie and i come back. ,,,,,,
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we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. welcome back, everybody. it is 6:42. and all that snow up in the sierra, well, it's causing' little trouble for some of the
6:41 am
drivers up there. >> chains are required on interstate 80 east of gold run. if you are planning to leave work a little early or not work at all today, drivers also need chains on u.s. 50, which was actually closed earlier this morning. and that's where tony tull is in el dorado county. tony, good morning. >> reporter: sydnie, good morning. yeah, i have to tell you, conditions aren't that bad this morning. last couple of days we have been hammered by snow but i can tell you we just have a little bit of flurries coming down and there you see it right there. that is the chain requirement at 50 and el camino so if you guys are headed through 50 maybe doing a little skiing in tahoe, the good news is 50 is open. but you will have to have some chains or cables or you will have to have a four-wheel drive vehicle with snow tires on. they actually closed 50 down for quite some time this morning as they were doing avalanche control. that means caltrans has this really cool big cannon that they shoot propane projectiles on the hills to knock some of that snow down so there is no avalanche danger to any of the drivers. but again, 50 is now open to snow plows pretty mush doing a
6:42 am
great job of -- 50 is now open, snow plows pretty much doing a great job of clearing. 80 is having more trouble clearing. we are here live with miles. you are putting on chains this morning. what do you think about the conditions? >> it's a nice day. i took a vacation day, beautiful day to go up snowboarding. >> reporter: sydnie, usually the chain guys charge about $30 to put on chains if you don't want to do it yourself but these three guys and their girlfriend they are braving the elements and saving $30. but you have been here for 45 minutes. is it worth it? >> yeah. you know what? every day is an experience. >> pay the 30 bucks! > >> reporter: i have to tell you, sydnie and frank, that we were talking with them earlier. i don't know if you can see, but his girlfriend is in the car. so right, exactly, so, about 30 minutes ago she got out and had to tell them how to put the chains on and now you can see, they actually have the chains on. so good news is, they are going to be on their way up to tahoe doing a little skiing. again if you are headed up 50
6:43 am
it is open. conditions not that bad, pretty favorable. just take your time, make sure you have your chains or the four-wheel drive vehicle. frank and sydnie, we'll pass it back to you. >> you know, all you guys out there, there have been a dozen mothers who have called and said, why don't you have a hat on? why does he have short sleeves on input more clothes on out there. is it just a guy thing? >> reporter: you know what, i have to tell you i wasn't prepared to go in the snow today. they told us at the last minute so i do have my very nice warm jacket on but i have to tell you, underneath, i know we have to wrap, but i have to show you, all i have on is my regular news attire. so... not that bad. it's a little chilly. >> nothing like a tie in the snow. >> reporter: so i'm going to jump back in the live truck and get warm. >> help those guys out with the chains. or give them 30 bucks next time they can let those guys take care of t nice job, tony tull in el dorado county. >> reporter: thank you. the fed chairman is calling for steps to prevent another global financial crisis. >> we are going to get to jason in just a second, but first we can't miss lawrence. lawrence is going to tell us about the storm that's just
6:44 am
hanging around. >> we are seeing some snow here in the bay area too. and a wintry mix out there. and yup, lots of snow on some of the mountain peaks yesterday. very interesting as that cold air moves through and brought the rain and some heavy rain across much of the bay area that was snow in the higher mountains. this morning, more of a wintry mix in the area. hi-def doppler shows lots of the pink in the parts of the south bay. rain showers continuing across much of the south bay but spreading further to the north. but look at this. this is where it gets interesting. along the 680 corridor you are seeing a wintry mix with snow and sleet in the area. watch, if you live in the area you could be in for interesting weather this morning, maybe snow in your neighborhood. so we have showers around the bay area this morning. they will continue to be on the increase as we head toward the afternoon, more showers and some cold temperatures. not a real heavy rainfall like yesterday. but we'll see those showers continuing. this system pumping up the moisture and looks like it will
6:45 am
continue to make its way ins across the rest of the bay area throughout the day today. so unsettled today and into tomorrow, too. that trough is just kind of camped out along the west coast so that will keep the rain and the wet weather continuing as the moisture kind of wraps around back into the bay area. the good news is, not that real heavy downpour that we saw yesterday and don't expect those thunderstorms, either. otherwise, showers are going to keep things going on the wet side. temperatures going to be pretty chilly out there. 40s and 50s for highs today. looking toward the holiday weekend it could be wet into saturday. sunday dry, rain returning monday. let's get a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. and i did check with chp right now. in regards to 680 where we are seeing some cold weather, not too bad. so far, so good, no incidents or accidents there. but we'll keep our eye on that especially through that area. keeping our eye on this accident northbound 880 at 66th avenue. the vehicle is actually over to the right shoulder but the chp is on scene running traffic breaks so they clear everything
6:46 am
out of the road. okay speeds there so they may be in the clearing stages through that portion. live look at 880 so far, so good, no delays, clear in both directions. 880 north into the maze, no delays. in fact, once you hit the bay bridge toll plaza, friday light. look at that nice and clear. clear across the upper deck into san francisco. in the south bay, southbound 280 the ramp to meridien reports of an accident through there. we are also getting reports of an accident south 101 at san tomas expressway. another one northbound 101 at de la cruz. that one is blocking the left lane so delays as you approach the scene. here's a live look at 280 and you can see traffic already starting to build through that portion especially through downtown san jose. other trouble spots as you work your way out and about this morning through the altamont pass, slight delays westbound just coming away from 205 but right now traffic moving well only 14 minutes to 680. antioch starting to load up westbound from somersville.
6:47 am
slow and go conditions there. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. 6:48. the fed chairman is calling for steps now to prevent another global financial crisis. >> let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and for that story and what's happening with the markets. jason, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chairman ben bernanke once again beating the drum when it comes to imbalances in the trade arena when it comes to the federal deficit. he is in paris for the g20 summit and saying that it's very important for countries namely china to let their currencies float higher against the dollar saying they are artificially pegged too low and that's what's creating those large imbalances with trade deficits. he says that could harm the economic recovery. he says that the fed's current policies including its $600 billion bond buying program is not to blame for issues in the world. apple may have to face some
6:48 am
questions from federal regulators. both in europe and here in the states. the justice department and federal trade commission, according to the "wall street journal," have opened preliminary inquiries into apple's latest apps subscription plan for developers. there are worries that it may be harmful in the antitrust arena forcing customers to mainly use the itunes store to buy those apps from those developers. stock market coming off a couple of strong days searching for direction this morning. but the dow is positive by 14 points. nasdaq is up by 1. the s&p is down a fraction. a.m. shares right now -- apple shares right now are trading slightly lower. >> are we going to see you monday? it's a long holiday weekend. >> the market will be closed for monday. i'll be back with you on wednesday. going to take an extra day. >> nice break. enjoy. >> thanks, jason brooks with kcbs and it was a short but very exciting visit for president obama right here in the bay area. >> but the one night stay could
6:49 am
mean a lot down the road. to explain, let's go to phil matier here this morning with san francisco mayor ed lee who has a special honor this weekend. gentlemen, good morning. >> a busy time for our new mayor. last night in the airport in the rain you're standing out there -- i think we have some video of it -- you, gavin newsom and attorney general kamala harris waiting for t president? >> absolutely. the wonderful sight, he said, hello, mayor lee. how did you like the state dinner? i thank him for the $200 million for the central subway that was in his budget and then lieutenant governor gavin if you some right afterwards says, hey, we can use some of that high-speed rail money that the other states don't want. [ laughter ] >> and then the president said, you may be in a very good position for that. >> hey, that's pretty good. not bad for all of 90 seconds. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> so first of all, you have to say the hello and then you have
6:50 am
to do what we call in politics the ask. >> that's right. the president was very cordial. very friendly to us. and he commented that we looked like a good team and i told him, you're part of that team. >> speaking of teams, i noticed 9 pecking order when he came off the plane. i noticed the pecking order when he came off the plane. i don't know if we can show that video again. there we go, everybody is lining up. who is first in line? you. now you get to jump ahead of your former boss, gavin newsom and kamala harris. >> right. we're all good friends and we had a lot of time to chat before the president came down and they are all giving me fantastic advice and i think the president immediately saw that we're all good friends. we were talk and joking while he was coming down the stairs. and gavin has been very, very good advice to me and he is going to be helping on redevelopment -- >> what's it like to have the president call you by your first name? >> it's wonderful. i have asked my staff to give me a video of it because it's happening so fast, i can't even
6:51 am
recall what happened. >> okay. meanwhile, now tomorrow night, or is it -- it's tomorrow night, right, the big chinese new year parade. for 15 years you have been working that parade. you have been helping organize that parade and tomorrow night you're the grand marshal. >> it's a wonderful honor. we have over 5,000 participants in the parade, 1500 of which are kids. got 130 units and it's going to be a marvelous weather. are you sure? >> absolutely. >> of course. >> lawrence has his marching orders now. so what a great honor. this is the largest parade, right, is it, in the country? yes. the largest parade outside of china for the chinese new year's. it's televised. >> you are the grand marshal? >> yes, i am. >> in the last 24 hours, you haved president call you ed, you asked him for $20 million without even blinking and you are going to be the grand marshal? not bad. >> this is a wonderful city. it's an honor to be the mayor of san francisco. we are in the center of so so many things and i love the city
6:52 am
even more, even from the six weeks i have been here, it's a love affair with a great, great city. >> aww. spoken like a guy that's -- well, maybe even running for office. okay. [ laughter ] >> thank you for stopping by this morning. >> good stuff. >> san francisco mayor, ed lee. thank you both. 6:53. the cost of the deadly san bruno blast doubles. why pg&e may be passing that on to its customers. and if you have a story idea or comment you would like it share with us, email that guy right there, sydnie and i will be right back. stay with us. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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if you are a pg&e customer you may not want to hear this. the utility may need help from all its customers to pay for the expenses from the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. christin ayers joins us this morning and i understand the estimated cost of that explosion is twice as high as the company previously
6:56 am
expected. >> reporter: more than $760 million, pg&e releasing the numbers saying that's a $150 million more than originally expected and now they are turning to customers to see if they can help foot the bill. the company says it turns out new tests and inspections related to the blast are the cause for that much higher cost. outrage from consumer advocates who says the pipeline problem should fall on pg&e if it was their fault. the tab could reach $763 million by the end of the year including 2 to $300 million for pipeline tests and other inspections and along with that the money for lawsuits, $220 million, the company set aside for lawsuits last year, along with $180 million more this year. those numbers have hit pg&e's bottom line. their profits dropped 9.8% from last year. now some insurance is expected to pay for some of these costs. pg&e doesn't know quite how
6:57 am
much yet. but again, they are appealing to energy regulators to see whether consumers can chip n sydnie? >> christin ayers in san bruno this morning, thank you. 6:58. and a big holiday weekend coming up. a lot of people off on monday. some off all next week. so we need some sunshine. lawrence? >> yes. and i'm still looking for it. [ laughter ] >> but we got some showers out there this morning. cold showers to begin your day, folks. you got the showers moving in through hayward and union city. check this out, though. this could be interesting. cold air in place, a wintry mix and snow in the mountains. watch out along the 680 corridor you could see very cold temperatures right now and really as we head toward the afternoon it's going to be chilly highs only in the 40s and 50s. showers continuing and chance of showers into the first part of the weekend, at least sunday we'll try and sneak in a little sunshine. let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you. we have some slick surfaces out there due to this wet weather. here's a live look at the
6:58 am
bridge. traffic slow and go there between hayward and foster city. give yourself some extra time. metering lights still off it the bay bridge. a little windy across the span. south bay, we are seeing a line of cars as you work your way northbound 101, accident at delacruz traffic backed up, live look at 280 traffic building there, as well. bring chains for the sierra. back to you guys. >> thank you. and we leave with you this beautiful shot from mount vaca. a little bit of blue sky out there. see you monday. good morning. breaking news. middle east outrage. bahrain and libya, pro democracy forces bury their dead after calling for protests after a government crackdown lead to a reported 30 deaths. in egypt new demonstrations putting pressure on the country's new rulers. we are live with reports from
6:59 am
both bahrain and cairo. political showdown. a battle over budget cuts gets nasty in wisconsin. democratic lawmakers walk out as more than 10,000 state workers and teachers descend on the capital in a massive protest. we will ask the republican governor if he is trying to balance the budget or break apart the unions. on-air scare. the caught on camera moment that shocked viewers and led to nationwide concern for one california reporter. >> well, a very, very heavy -- heavy -- tonight. we had a very -- dareson -- let's go ahead -- the bit a pit. serene branson is speaking out what happened that night and what doctors say may have caused it. she joins us in the studio this morning for her first live interview "early" this friday morning, february 18th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs


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